Rule Reminder

Greetings all

I have been asked to communicate the following extracts from the Guidance for Stewards (Green Paper 3.18). This info’ is for all our safety, not just for stewards.


Excluding guy ropes, units must be at least six (6) metres apart from adjacent units. This is a precaution against fire. Vehicles may be parked between units, providing that a three (3) meter clear space is left within the six (6) meter gap at all times.


Children’s pup tents can be classed as an integral part of the unit, in the same way as an awning, when they are occupied by children and when no appliances with a naked flame is used in or close to them. This means that a child’s pup tent can be pitched close to the parents unit.

Thanking you in advance for helping to adhere to these guidelines.

Kindest regards